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There is a saying academia: publish or perish.  Upon being hired as a tenure track professor, the academic is expected (among other things) to conduct research and to publish their work.  Those who fail to meet the expectations of their colleagues, departments, or institutions are denied tenure.  Those who meet or exceed these expecations receive tenure.  It’s a simple mandate: public or perish.  This simple saying holds value for every company that relies on its website to facilitate its business objectives.

publishAs a small business that specializes in search marketing we hold firm to the belief that we should lead by example.  You won’t find Triple Canopy Media promoting its search engine optimization and web design and development services using anything but white hat strategies.  If our prescriptions are good enough for our SEO and web marketing clients, then they are good enough for us to put into practice ourselves.  That includes generating good, quality content as a means of providing value to stakeholders and to our “community.”

Go ahead.  Analyze our site.  Check our code.  You’ll find that it’s pretty tight.  Perform a couple of web searches related to our industry.  You’ll notice that we’ve got local search on lock-down, and we are continuing to increase our footprint by providing valuable content related to our business.  That’s right.  We are writing this blog because we fear the same for ourselves that we fear for every single one of our clients.  If we don’t publish, we very well may perish.  For any company that depends upon the web to deliver leads, customers, clients, or sales…falling off the front page of Google is the surest way to accomplish this feat.

So, as a hedge against this threat, we publish.  One way that we satisfy that mandate is to continuously update this blog.  We generate good, relevant content about search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, content management system development, and social media marketing. Triple Canopy Media may specialize in servicing clients in Northeast Ohio, Southwest Georgia, and the Coastal Alabama markets–but our reach is global.  When blogs and other websites pickup our content and repost it or simply link to it, it helps us to accomplish our objectives.