What to post — and what not to post — on social media

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What to post — and what not to post — on social media

Your company has several social media accounts. You are on Facebook and Twitter, and you’re considering jumping on Instagram. Now you want to know how to keep your social media accounts fresh and engaging.

So you wonder, exactly what will you post on all of your platforms? How will you identify the kinds of posts people actually want to share? And how will you know what not to post?

Never fear. Here are 30+ good ideas for social media posts, culled from the Triple Canopy Media blog, the Constant Contact blog, and the CoSchedule blog.

In addition, we have a list of eight bad things you should avoid posting altogether, as shared by Social Media Today.

35 Good Ideas for Social Media Posts

  1. Link to your company’s latest blog post, which will also help attract and retain visitors to your website
  2. Workplace photo: behind the scenes
  3. An answer from your FAQ
  4. Introduction to new employee
  5. Share product/service popular with your customers
  6. Interview or case study with a customer
  7. Customer review
  8. Community event
  9. Something funny
  10. Memes or GIFs
  11. Your company’s story: share one piece at a time
  12. Podcast
  13. #TBT
  14. Seasonal item
  15. Inspiring quote
  16. Highlight customer of the month
  17. An event you attended
  18. Attention-grabbing statistic
  19. Poll
  20. Fill-in-the-blank post
  21. Video featuring products or people from your business
  22. Repeat top-performing posts
  23. Email newsletter
  24. Infographic link
  25. Survey link
  26. Image
  27. Correct a misperception
  28. Favorite book or playlist
  29. Shout-out to other local business
  30. Industry research
  31. Helpful tip(s) related to your products or services
  32. Celebration of company milestone
  33. Promote your other social networks
  34. Ask people to join your mailing list
  35. Thank you

8 Bad Ideas for Social Media Posts

  1. Negative posts about customers or clients
  2. Irrelevant viral content
  3. Political or religious posts
  4. Content that isn’t properly proofread or edited
  5. Too much overtly promotional content
  6. Content inconsistent with branding
  7. Misleading posts
  8. Unattributed content

Focus on what people like to share

One final note. BuzzSumo analyzed 100 million posts in 2014 to look for patterns in the most shared content. They found that the content people shared most frequently had either some or all of these features:

  • Invoked awe, laughter, or amusement
  • Appealed to people’s narcissistic side – made them look smart for sharing
  • Were lists or infographics
  • Were from trusted sources

So it’s a good idea to create a schedule with a lineup of posts that include some — or all — of the 35 items in the above list — and none of those among the infamous eight.

Then make sure you have a shareable mix that will make people laugh, make them feel smart, and give them quick, graphically pleasing information they can trust.