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How to get dozens of social posts from one blog post

You’re writing a blog post. And you plan to share it on your social media accounts by posting the link with a photo and hoping your followers will click and follow you there. But there’s another way, one that will allow you to generate a month’s worth of social posts from just one blog post.

Below are some ways to do just that, as shared by Josh Barney on Einstein Marketer and Kylie Fennell on MavSocial.

Get a month of social posts from one blog post

  • Share a teaser. Create interest in an upcoming blog post by posting an image, an excerpt, or a quote.
  • Share a fact or stat. Your blog post is likely to be full of them. Pick the most intriguing and share them on social.
  • Pull a quote. Make sure your blog post includes a few lines that are quote-worthy and they can provide fodder for social.
  • Ask a question. Make it thought-provoking.
  • Make a bold statement that connects with your blog post.
  • Mention – and tag – your sources.
  • Create a visual slideshow. Choose the most valuable sub-headings from your blog post, place them into a slideshow that provides a post summary.
  • Turn your blog post into an infographic.
  • Think quizzes and polls. Figure out an angle that connects with your blog post and post it on social, possibly as a story.
  • Got a good photo in your blog post? Post it on social. By itself.
  • Try a meme that picks up a point from your blog post. Make it entertaining.
  • Add a GIF to a short piece of copy from your blog post.
  • Create a video post from your blog post.
  • Summarize your blog post in a list. Post it on social. Include a hashtag.

More social media post ideas

Still in need of ideas for things to post on social media? Check out this list:

  1. Workplace photo: behind the scenes
  2. An answer from your FAQ
  3. Introduction to new employee
  4. Share product/service popular with your customers
  5. Interview or case study with a customer
  6. Customer review
  7. Community event
  8. Something funny
  9. Your company’s story: share one piece at a time
  10. Podcast
  11. #TBT
  12. Seasonal item
  13. Inspiring quote
  14. Highlight customer of the month
  15. An event you attended
  16. Attention-grabbing statistic
  17. Poll
  18. Fill-in-the-blank post
  19. Video featuring products or people from your business
  20. Repeat top-performing posts
  21. Email newsletter
  22. Infographic link
  23. Survey link
  24. Image
  25. Correct a misperception
  26. Favorite book or playlist
  27. Shout-out to other local business
  28. Industry research
  29. Helpful tip(s) related to your products or services
  30. Celebration of company milestone
  31. Promote your other social networks
  32. Ask people to join your mailing list

Reap the rewards

Doing all this – and more — will help you reap the rewards of social media. You’ll engage your customers by delivering interactive and professional content that will help improve your online visibility and expand your customer reach.

TCM can do it for you

If you’re not sure how to do your own social media, reach out to Triple Canopy Media. At Triple Canopy Media we would be glad to show you how it’s done. Or do it for you.

Here’s what we do:

    1. We assess your needs, determine which social media platforms will best serve them, and set up a regular process for sharing carefully crafted content about your business via selected platforms.
    2. We create a cohesive strategy and measurement plan.
    3. We integrate the plan across the organization.
    4. Finally, we use metrics to monitor content marketing performance and ROI.